WorkSafe Country Netball League  

Netball Victoria is very proud to continue its long term partnership with WorkSafe Victoria through the WorkSafe Country Netball League (WCNL) – with 2018 being the thirteenth year of the partnership. The message of workplace safety is particularly important in these regional areas where the prevalence of workplace injury and death is far too high.

Netball Victoria and WorkSafe Victoria would like to thank every Club and League for their support of this partnership and assistance with the delivery of these important WorkSafe messages.

This below information outlines the benefits and obligations attached to this partnership which are provided to and required of all clubs and leagues participating in the WCNL.

WorkSafe Country Netball Logo


All leagues and clubs affiliated with the WCNL must agree to comply with and promote WorkSafe Victoria’s message of workplace safety.

Leagues and Clubs should liaise with Netball Victoria’s commercial operations team prior to securing any additional sponsors to ensure they do not conflict with the WorkSafe message. Please contact the Commercial Operations team at Netball Victoria – Ph. 03 9321 2204.

Leagues and clubs that do not comply with the sponsorship obligations contained in this Partnership Information Booklet may:

  • Receive counselling from Netball Victoria
  • Be given a written warning from Netball Victoria
  • Lose their WorkSafe sponsorship benefits
  • Be removed from the WCNL

If your League/Club has any concerns or queries regarding the outlined sponsorship obligations, please contact Netball Victoria immediately on (03) 9321 2204.


1. WorkSafe naming rights

  • WorkSafe are the naming rights sponsor of the WCNL
  • All affiliated Leagues and Clubs must use this wording when referring to or promoting any football/netball related competition or activity.
  • This wording and the WCNL logo must be used in any publications, written correspondence and/or advertisements.
  • Please click here for branding guidelines.
  • Please email [email protected] to request a copy of the WCNL logo.

2. WorkSafe branded netballs

  • Netballs will be posted directly to league administrators at the commencement of each season.
  • The league is to distribute two (2) T500 WorkSafe branded netballs to each club in April 2018.
  • The M500 WorkSafe branded netballs MUST be used in ALL sanctioned WorkSafe Country Football Netball League matches. Your club can purchase M500 WorkSafe netballs from your local retailer or online.
  • All netballs used in sanctioned WCNL matches MUST display the WorkSafe logo.
  • If netballs are sourced from another supplier, they must still be labelled with the WorkSafe logo.

3. WorkSafe bib patches

  • WorkSafe bib patches to be worn on the front and back of each uniform bib worn in WCNL matches.
  • WorkSafe bib patches can be ordered through the Netball Victoria and can be either delivered to the central league address or to individual clubs, please contact the Commercial Operations team at Netball Victoria – Ph. 03 9321 2204 or email [email protected]
1st 2nd
First preference for placement Second preference for placement


4. WorkSafe signage

  • WorkSafe signage has been provided to each club by WorkSafe Victoria. Should your facility require a new sign, please contact the Commercial Operations team at Netball Victoria – Ph. 03 9321 2256.
  • At least one WCNL signage must be displayed courtside at each WCNL venue in a prominent location

5. WorkSafe Club Safety Fund

  • The objective of the WorkSafe Club Safety Fund is to provide financial support at a local level for WCNL Clubs and Leagues to assist with occupational health and safety initiatives at a club level.
  • The WorkSafe Club Safety Fund for 2018 will provide grants to the value of 50% of the total project cost, at a maximum grant reimbursement of $1,500 per application.
  • Funding to commence in March 2018.
  • Clubs must apply directly to their Netball Victoria Region Manager.
  • Nominations will be assessed at the end of each month until either the start of September 2018 or until the funding is exhausted.
  • Download WorkSafe Safety Fund Form

6. WorkSafe Safety Initiative Awards

  • Two (2) x $2,000 cash prize awards are presented annually.
  • Awards are presented to Clubs/Leagues that employ excellent safety initiatives.
    • Clubs/Leagues must submit a nomination form by 31 August 2018.
  • Forms and eligibility criteria will be available from Friday 30 March 2018.
  • Download Worksafe Initiative Awards Form

WorkSafe bib patches

WorkSafe bib patches must be worn on the front and back of all positional bibs worn during any sanctioned WCNL match. It is preferred that the patches be placed onto the top centre of the bib. WorkSafe bib patches must not obscure playing position initials in any way. Bib patches can be ordered through Netball Victoria and can be either delivered to the central league address or to individual clubs.

1st 2nd
1st preference for placement 2nd preference for placement


Please Note: Leagues may have one additional sponsor logo on the playing bibs as per Netball Victoria guidelines provided the WorkSafe logo is in the 1st preference for placement (see above) and that the leagues sponsor logo is placed in the 2nd preference for placement (see above).

Clubs are NOT permitted to have sponsor logos on playing bibs unless the league opts to not use their bib sponsor location and the league provides them written permission to do so. Please note, written permission can only be granted for one year at a time. Clubs may display sponsor logos on uniform items such as dresses/tops, tracksuits and bags.

NOTE: Screen printing of WorkSafe logo onto bibs is possible provided that minimum size and positioning requirements are adhered to.  That is;

  • The WorkSafe logo must be at least 7.4 cm long and 3.5 cm high and must appear on a white background at least 7.8 cm high x 4.0 cm long.
  • Leagues/Clubs must obtain Netball Victoria approval of artwork prior to screen printing going ahead. Contact Netball Victoria Partnerships Coordinator Elise Wiggins at [email protected]

Safety / Game Day Checklist

Associations and Clubs have a duty of care to ensure the court and surrounds are as safe as possible for participation. Click here for more information.

Documenting your Association or Club actions to manage risk is also important and may assist in the defense of negligence claims.

Contact information


Mel Taylor: Western Region Manager
Kardinia Complex, 10 Kilgour St, Geelong 3220
P: 5222 7543
E: [email protected]

Pam Ferrari: Northern Region Manager
Level 1, 45-49 Mundy St, Bendigo Vic 3550
P: 03 5434 2417
E: [email protected]

Josie Logan: Senior Northern Region Coordinator
P: 03 5823 9807
E: [email protected]

Jan Mannes: Northern Region Coordinator
Level 1, 45-49 Mundy St, Bendigo Vic 3550
P: 03 5434 2417
E: [email protected]

Judi Buhagiar: Eastern Region Manager
Morwell Recreation Reserve,  Morwell, 3840
P: 03 5134 1705
E: [email protected]

Amelia Evison: Eastern Region Coordinator
Morwell Recreation Reserve,  Morwell, 3840
P: 03 5134 1705
E: [email protected]

Jen Camilleri: Metro Region Coordinator
P: 03 9321 228
E: [email protected]