How long does my Netball Victoria membership last for?

Netball Victoria membership is valid from January 1st until December 31st in each calender year.

If I start playing a competition in November and it does not finish until March – do I need to buy two memberships?

No. Netball Victoria membership covers those participating in competitions that run across the calender year. Members are covered for the duration of the competition.

If participants wish to continue playing after the season finishes, they are required to register for the new year.

What does my Netball Victoria membership fee cover?

Your Netball Victoria Membership covers a range of different programs and courses that benefit you and your club/association.

What is my Netball Victoria Membership number?

If you have lost or cannot remember your Netball Victoria number please click here to follow simple steps to locate your NV Membership Number.

I can not find my Club/Association/League information on the MyNetball website?

To search for your club/association/league please use the “Club finder” tool on the MyNetball website here: club finder

If you are still unable to locate your club/association/league contact information please contact the Netball Victoria Member Services department via email