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The Netball Victoria family consists of over 100,000 members who play, umpire, coach or support netball. 

A Netball Victoria membership enables members to participate in any Netball Victoria-affiliated association/competition or development course. You must be a current member of Netball Victoria and have purchased your membership prior to participating.
How to Register
2024 Membership Fees

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2024 Membership

Netball Victoria’s 2024 member registration period will begin in October ahead of many of our affiliates running summer seasons. Affiliates and participants may notice that our membership fees will increase by $2.00 for 2024. 

In order to deliver services, programs and support to our members, our fees increase by approximately $2.00 each year or in line with CPI. The 2024 increase is lower than the current CPI rate of approximately 6 per cent. 

A Netball Victoria membership enables members to participate (including as a player, coach or umpire) in any Netball Victoria affiliated association or competition, or development course. 

Netball Victoria membership enables us to provide support for affiliates across vital areas including: 

  • Management and administration, including tools like Netball Connect and related support 
  • Governance and policy 
  • Coach and umpire development and pathways 
  • Player development and pathways 
  • Competitions 
  • Community development, including diversity and inclusion and school programs 
  • Facility development support and advocacy 
  • Staff located across regional and metropolitan areas to provide support, information and resources 
  • Coverage under Netball Australia’s National Insurance Program 

We’re proud that our membership fees remain lower than many other member organisations and are comparable to other sports. However, Netball Victoria recognises that many members of our community are experiencing financial hardship in the current climate and is committed to ensuring our sport remains as accessible and inclusive as possible. 

The Jean Cowan Fund is available for applications to ensure financial hardship is not a barrier to participation in our sport. Funding can assist individual applicants with covering the costs associated with participating in netball, including membership fees and purchasing uniforms and equipment.