Good Governance

Good governance is the effective (doing the right things) and efficient (doing things the right way) use of policies and practices to guide the operation of an organisation. 

We also need good governance so we can abide by the requirements of the law and so we can always act and show we’ve acted for the good of the organisation and the community it serves.

Components of Good Governance

Good governance means an organisation can carry out the purpose for which it was designed. They may grow in size and capacity, or they may deliver superior products or services through sound management, direction and leadership.

- A well run organisation is attractive to new members
- Good governance supports growth and development
- Good governance reduces risks
- Funding agencies, potential sponsors and government look favourably to well managed organisations

Effective sports governance requires leadership, integrity and good judgment. Additionally, good governance will ensure more effective decision-making, with the organisation demonstrating transparency, accountability and responsibility in the activities undertaken.

The complexity of governance procedures and practices will vary according to the size and function of the organisation, however the principles of good governance are essential for the long term viability of the organisation.