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Resources for coaches of all levels, along with programs and national blueprints for netball coaching in Australia

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To view and access the available online courses, please take the following steps:
1) Log in to Netball Learning 
2) Click Find Learning
3) Search for courses and workshops
4) Click on the course
5) Make sure you enrol into the course

This course is designed for coaches of all levels to up-skill their knowledge in Injury Prevention and Performance Enhancement strategies specific to netball. It outlines the Netball Australia KNEE Program, which, when used consistently, has the potential to improve how players move on court and reduce the risk of injury.

The course looks at:
1) Safety of training
2) Benefits of warming up and cooling down
3) Why the KNEE Program
4) Key principle of the KNEE Program
5) Outline of specific exercise principles to employ

The online mentoring course has been developed in conjunction with the Australian Sports Commission for people who work with coaches, umpires and officials at all levels.

This Mentoring course is designed for Coaches, Umpires and Bench Officials.

The course is divided into 7 modules, covering the following topics:
1) How Mentoring Works
2) Know Yourself as a Mentor
3) Initial Meeting
4) Know your Mentee
5) Giving Feedback
6) Improving Performance
7) Dealing with Conflict 

This course will take you through the principles and practices of netball selection. Netball is a team game however the performance of individual athletes and the combination of athletes in playing positions is critical to the success of the team.

This course is aimed for any netball selector or coach commencing the process of team selection, but anybody is welcome to enrol in the course and learn about the principles and practices that may be used to select netball athletes for a squad or team.

The course looks at:
1) Principles of Selection
2) Guidelines for individual athlete selection
3) Guidelines for netball position selection and what to look for in each position
4) How to achieve team balance in selection
5) Some practical tips to assist in running a selection session

This course is designed to assist new, returning or current coaches to create positive, safe and inclusive learning environments for participants to learn, enjoy and thrive through sport. 

This course covers:
1) Safeguarding
2) Who you Coach
3) Where you Coach
4) What you Coach
5) How you Connect 
6) How you Engage
7) How you Deliver
8) How you Improve

This course is designed to help users:
- Recognise the Child Safe Stands and find relevant Child Protection Legislation
- Identify your role in child protection and safeguarding and work through what to do if child abuse occurs in your sport or club
- Define the types, signs, risk factors and impacts of child abuse in a sport or club setting
- Identify steps to create a child safe environment in your sport or club