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Netball Learning - Free Courses

To view and access the available online courses and face to face workshops, please use the following steps:
1) Log in to Netball Learning 
2) Click Find Learning
3) Search for courses and workshops
4) Click on the course
5) Make sure you enrol into the course

This course is designed for coaches of all levels to upskill their knowledge in Injury Prevention and Performance Enhancement strategies specific to netball.  

The program provides you with a range of warm-up, strength and flexibility exercises designed to prevent serious knee injuries. 

The Mentoring Course is designed for Coaches, Umpires and Bench Officials. 

The course will goal setting, how mentoring works, your roles as a mentor, getting to know your mentee and giving feedback. 

This course will take you through the principles and practices of netball selection. Netball is a team game however the performance of individual athletes and the combination of athletes in playing positions is critical to the success of the team. 

This course will show you how you can use Netball Australia’s exciting Coaching Our Way – Player Centred coaching learning resource to help you become a high performing coach. 

NetSetGO is the only introductory netball program in Australia. It has been developed by Netball Australia to give young children the fundamental motor skills and netball skills they need to be able to enter competition netball with confidence. The Getting To Know NetSetGO course is aimed specifically at coaches, parents and teachers who wish understand what is require to set up and run a successful NetSetGO clinic.

This course is designed to help users:
- Recognise the Child Safe Stands and find relevant Child Protection Legislation
- Identify your role in child protection and safeguarding and work through what to do if child abuse occurs in your sport or club
- Define the types, signs, risk factors and impacts of child abuse in a sport or club setting
- Identify steps to create a child safe environment in your sport or club

This course is designed to help you understand Safeguarding Children and Young People in your sport, including the Children and Young people Safe Practices, and how to recognise and respond to possible breaches. 

Australian Sports Commission Coaching Courses - Free Courses

The Community Coaching - Essential Skills Course is designed to assist new, returning or current coaches to create positive, safe and inclusive learning environments for participants to learn, enjoy and thrive through sport.

Building strong relationships, getting to know what motivates and engages participants, and the creation of great learning environments is all built on the coach using clear communication. 

The ability to manage a session and the group of participants taking part in it is essential in creating a safe yet challenging environment. It involves being organised before, during and after a session. 

Although not something every coach thinks about, investing time into building strong relationships with key stakeholders can make a coach’s job that little bit easier. 

Great coaches regularly reflect on how well things are going and continually look for ways to improve. 

Taking the time to plan your sessions ensures activities are focused on the needs and motivations of your participants. It can make a big difference in how effective and fun your sessions are. 

Using the space, equipment and facilities safely and effectively is an essential part of being a coach. Being prepared for the challenges a coach may face will help provide a positive sporting experience.

One of the most impactful ways to engage with participants is simply by getting to know who they are, what motivates them and what they enjoy doing. This helps to cater future sessions to each participant's needs and motivations

Diversity & Inclusion Coaching Courses - Free Courses

The Australian Sporting Alliance for People with a Disability (ASAPD) course is designed to provide basic skills, understanding and knowledge in a practical real-life framework so you can be a more inclusive coach of people with a disability in sport and active recreation programs and activities.

This Disability Sports Australia course is designed for people new to the disability space, providing the first simple steps for a sporting club or leisure provider to begin their journey to becoming more accessible for people with disability.