Short Season

In addition to traditional competition formats, Netball Victoria also offers a Short Season competition. Both Affiliates and non-Affiliates, may apply to conduct Short Season competitions.

Free for Affiliates, with a license fee payable for non-Affiliates, Short Season competition includes insurance coverage for competition organisers, as well as access to the Netball Connect platform for easy registration and live scoring.

For teams, a competition registration fee (per season), payable to NV includes insurance coverage for players (game only), individual players will not be charged a registration or membership fee. Additional competition fees may be set by the Competition organiser.

Short Season Information

Available to Affiliates and Non-Affiliates
• Free for Affiliates, annual license fee payable for non-Affiliates per calendar year
• Competitions must be 10-rounds or less (including finals)
• Multiple short season competitions are permitted in the same calendar year
• Includes insurance coverage for license holders (public liability and management liability)
• Access to the Netball Connect platform which includes
     o Live Scoring app
     o Registration
     o Shop
     o Call Centre support
• Competition organiser sets competition team fees and can decide if fees are charged weekly or per season
• All Short Season competitions must be approved by Netball Victoria

If you would like to conduct a Short Season competition, please contact your NV Stakeholder (Participation) team member and they will provide further information and links to the Short Season application form.