Netball Victoria Talent Academy

The Netball Victoria Talent Academy program is a development opportunity for talented athletes to develop in three key components; technical and tactical development, athlete well being and physical preparation. 

The program aims to assist players throughout Victoria to reach their potential, provide an avenue towards state and national representation, and provide essential education that is relevant to netball. 

2022 Talent Academy athletes

Hannah Abdalla - Gippsland League
Emily Anderson - Bairnsdale Netball Association
Charlie Berry - Gippsland League
Emma Best - Sale Netball Association
Mia Cheffers - Mid Gippsland Netball Association
Ella Coulter - Moe District Netball Association
India Dean - Sale Netball Association
Tilly Fox - North Gippsland Football Netball League
Maddison Fullgrabe - Bairnsdale Netball Association
Ella Gerrand - Gippsland League
Chelsea Gibson - West Gippsland Football Netball Competition
Jayde Hall - Gippsland League
Molly Heber - Gippsland League
Sofie Herman - Bairnsdale Netball Association
Maddison Hodgson - North Gippsland Football Netball League
Rose Hutchinson - Leongatha & District Netball Association
Olivia Jones - Ellinbank & District Netball Association
Ruby Marks - Moe & District Netball Association
Lara Mullin - West Gippsland Football Netball Competition
Jordan O'Connor - Bairnsdale Netball Association
Matilda Pendergas - Gippsland League
Mia Plenkovich - Gippsland League
Olivia Rees - Bairnsdale Netball Association
Caitlyn Reid - Sale Netball Association
Lexis Schade - West Gippsland Football Netball Competition
Gypsi Schmidt - Mid Gippsland Netball Association
Amy Scott - West Gippsland Football Netball Competition
Imogen Smith - Ellinbank & District Netball Association
Emily Sutton - Moe & District Netball Association
Grace Van Tilburg - Gippsland League
Amber Walker - West Gippsland Football Netball Competition
Mackenna Whiteside - West Gippsland League
Lucy Williamson - Ellinbank & District Netball Association
Kiera Witton - Leongatha & District Netball Association
Sienna Wynd - Gippsland League

Diaz Barzen - Goulburn Valley League
Sienna Burke - Goulburn Valley League
Jasmine Burke - Goulburn Valley League
Montanna Burke - Goulburn Valley League
Isla Carver - Goulburn Valley League
Mackenzie Clark - Goulburn Valley League
Ruby Diffey - Goulburn Valley League
Natasha Dodos	- Goulburn Valley League
Holly Egan - Goulburn Valley League
Kate Evans - Ovens & Murray Football Netball League
Bonnie Everett - Murray Netball League
Makayla Finn - Picola & District Football Netball League
Harriet Gall - Goulburn Valley League
Taylah Groves - Goulburn Valley League
Ruby Higgins - Goulburn Valley League
Mya Jesperson - Shepparton Netball Association
Ava Koschitzke - Albury Netball Association
Abby Larkin - Murray Netball League
Mia Lavis - Albury Netball Association
Maggie McGrath - Albury Netball Association
Lily Mckimmie - Netball Wodonga Inc. 
Jaylah Meda - Goulburn Valley League
Zoe Monteleone - Goulburn Valley League
Eliza Mooney - Albury Netball Association
Kealey Moore - Albury Netball Association
Ella Morgan - Albury Netball Association
Niamh Moylan - Netball Wodonga Inc.
Elizabeth Murphy - Netball Wodonga Inc.
Mackenzie O'Dwyer - Goulburn Valley League
Keeley O'Dwyer - Goulburn Valley League
Tahlia Pate - Picola & District Football Netball League
Kaleisha Pell - Yarrawonga & District Netball Association
Janaya Pettie - Goulburn Valley League
Imogen Robinson - Wangaratta Netball Association
Charlotte Streat - Netball Wodonga Inc. 
Emily Thompson - Goulburn Valley League

Ebony Black - Echuca & District Netball Association
Isabel Brennan - Bendigo Strathdale Netball Association
Ava Broderick - Bendigo Football Netball League
Maisy Bryne - Echuca & District Netball Association
Meiha Burns - Heathcote District Football Netball League
Kyla Byrne - Castlemaine & District Netball Association
Millie Cassidy - Bendigo Football Netball League
Jorja Clode - Wimmera Netball Association
Nicola Clyne - Wimmera Netball Association
Jorja Crothers - Bendigo Strathdale Netball Association
Mia Dean - Bendigo Strathdale Netball Association
Maya Dignan - Bendigo Strathdale Netball Association
Cordelia Fry-Smith - Echuca & District Netball Association
Bainli Galway - Golden Rivers Football Netball League
Reese Gilchrist - Bendigo Football Netball League
Milla Holt - Central Murray Football Netball League
Dakota Keanelly - Bendigo Strathdale Netball Association
Paige Langley - Bendigo Football Netball League
Jarrah Martin - Horsham District Football Netball League
Ruby McGlone - Echuca & District Netball Association
Lainey Mortlock - North Central Netball Association
Braye Moss - Bendigo Strathdale Netball Association
Eliza Perryman - North Central Netball Association
Neve Pinner - Bendigo Strathdale Netball Association
Lainey Pollard - Bendigo Strathdale Netball Association
Nevaeh Roberts - Central Murray Football Netball League
Daisy Stringer - Loddon Valley Football Netball League
Sophie Taylor - Wimmera Netball Association
Megan Wilson - Castlemaine & District Netball Association

Olivia Ashby - Ballarat Netball Association 
Georgia Bodey - Ballarat Football Netball League
Lauren Bodman - Central Highlands Netball League
Tanzania Carter - Warrnambool City Netball Association
Nikki Clover - Warrnambool District Football Netball League
Sophie Conheady - Hampden Football Netball League
Sophie Cooper - Mininera District Netball Association
Emily Davies - Ballarat Netball Association
Anna Dickson - Hampden Football Netball League
Leah Dickson - Hampden Football Netball League
Holly Draffin - Ballarat Netball Association
Stella Geljon - Ballarat Netball Association
Georgia Gilmour - Hampden Football Netball League
Ava Grundy - Hampden Football Netball League
Maggie Harris - Ballarat Netball Association
Libby Heard - Ballarat Netball Assocation
Arna Howard - Ballarat Netball Association
Alice Kain - Ballarat Football Netball League
Kylita Kelp - Warrnambool District Football Netball League
Zali Linton - Maryborough & Castlemain District Football Netball League
Ellorah McConachy - Hampden Football Netball League
Lily McGuinness - Ballarat Netball Association
Isabella McNeill - Ballarat Football Netball League
Rose Murnane - Ballarat Football Netball League
Matilda Myers - Ballarat Football Netball League
Scarlett O'Donnell - Hampden Football Netball League
Chelsea Oellering - Ballarat Football Netball League
Sarah Perry - Warrnambool City Netball Association
Ava Richardson - Ballarat Netball Association
Lily Ryan - Central Highlands Netball League
Ella Sevior - Hampden Football Netball League
Matilda Sewell - Hampden Football Netball League
Kate Smith - Hampden Football Netball League
Alice Suhan - Hampden Football Netball League
Jessica Walsh - Hampden Football Netball League
Jayda White - Ballarat Netball Association

2022 Talent Academy Coaches

Lead Coach - 
Development Coach - 
Development Coach - 
Development Coach - 
Team Manager - 

Lead Coach - 
Development Coach - 
Development Coach - 
Development Coach - 
Team Manager - 

Lead Coach - 
Development Coach - 
Development Coach -
Team Manager - 

Lead Coach - 
Development Coach - 
Development Coach - 
Team Manager - 

Lead Coach - 
Development Coach	-
Development Coach	-
Team Manager	-

Lead Coach - 
Development Coach - 
Development Coach - 
Team Manager - 

Inter Academy Weekend

All Talent Academies participate in the Inter Academy Weekend at the State Netball & Hockey Centre. The event provides athletes the opportunity to demonstrate and apply skills learned in the program over the two day competition.
The Inter Academy Weekend is an important part of the Netball Victoria athlete pathway as the competition provides the opportunity for 17&U Victorian state selectors to view all Academy athletes and talent identify athletes to attend the 17&U state squad selections. 

Questions and queries may also be forwarded to Netball Victoria's Pathways Coordinator - Caitlin Ring
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2022 Talent Academy Training Calendars