WorkSafe Country Netball League

WorkSafe Victoria has been supporting Country Netball since 2005. Find out how your club can benefit. 


All leagues and clubs affiliated with the WCNL must agree to comply with and promote WorkSafe Victoria’s message of workplace safety.

Leagues and clubs should liaise with Netball Victoria’s Partnerships team prior to securing any additional sponsors to ensure they do not conflict with the WorkSafe message. Please contact the Partnerships & Marketing Coordinator at Netball Victoria – Ph. (03) 9321 2212.

Leagues and clubs that do not comply with the sponsorship obligations outlined in the WorkSafe agreement shall:

- Receive counselling from Netball Victoria
- Be given a written warning from Netball Victoria
- Lose their WorkSafe sponsorship benefits
- Be removed from the WCNL

If your league/club has any concerns or queries regarding the outlined sponsorship obligations, please contact Netball Victoria immediately on (03) 9321 2212.