The objective of the WorkSafe Club Safety Fund is to provide financial support at a local level to assist with occupational health and safety initiatives at a club level.

 Please see below for more information and how to apply.

The WorkSafe Club Safety Fund will close on Friday 12th July 2024

2024 Applications

The objective of the WorkSafe Club Safety Fund is to provide financial support at a local level to assist with occupational health and safety initiatives at a club level.

Netball Clubs affiliated with Netball Victoria.

•	The WorkSafe Club Safety Fund provides grants up to the value of $3,000 per application.  
•	Clubs are required to demonstrate co-contribution (at least 50%) of the total project cost as part of its application.  This co-contribution can be a combination of club, sponsor or council contributions
•	Funds will be dispersed upon approval by Netball Victoria.  
Please note: Special consideration may be made (at the discretion of Netball Victoria and WorkSafe) to projects requiring additional financial support. Please make this known via the online application form. 

•	All clubs applying, must provide evidence that a grant is needed to improve the safety of their grounds and surrounding buildings. 
•	Quotes will be necessary in order to assess the amount of money needed for the improvements.

Funding is available for safety initiatives including, but not limited to:
•	Equipment to be purchased by the Club that has the purpose of protecting the individual participants while actively engaged in the sport. (i.e. goal post padding, first aid kids, defibrillators)
•	Permanent or portable structures that provide shelter and or safety. (i.e. shelter shed, shade sails, fireplace guards, fencing for walkways)
•	Minor facility maintenance which presents an occupational health and safety hazard.

•	Applications must be submitted via the button below.
•	Copies of all relevant documentation must be attached when submitting your application.
•	Approved projects must be completed within the current funding period.

•	Use the funds for the specified activity.
•	Show that either council or club is providing at least 50% of the quoted amount.
•	Notify Netball Victoria if the project has been cancelled and return all grants paid within 14 days.
•	Be responsible for ensuring adequate insurance cover for any equipment purchased.
•	Organise an Invoice for your successful grant to Netball Victoria.

•	Photographs (before and after shots)
•	Film of the new equipment in use
•	Written feedback by relevant stakeholders
•	Telephone call with a WorkSafe stakeholder to discuss the usage of the new equipment.
•	Commitment by club to promote Club Safety Fund grant via club communication channels.
•	Acknowledgement Summary – A statement confirming the allocated funds have successfully been used for their desired purpose including:
•	How the funds have been spent
•	The purpose of the new project
•	Completion date
•	How the project will benefit the club and community

Please note – Any club who submits an application for Club Safety Funding thereby consents for WorkSafe to use any provided content and information for marketing purposes.

•	Funding grants are subject to GST.
•	Payment will be made upon completion of and successful acquittal of the project.
•	The Association/Club will need to supply Netball Victoria with a valid tax invoice (receipt) with ABN for the approved funding amount including GST (if registered for GST), upon completion. If not registered for GST please supply WorkSafe AFL Victoria Country with a valid tax invoice (receipt) with ABN with no GST upon completion.
•	Grants will be paid within 30 days of receipt of a valid tax invoice.