Netball Victoria Environment Group

In September 2023, Netball Victoria released its first "Green Action Plan".

The purpose of the plan is to signal Netball Victoria's intention to take positive and practical steps towards becoming a greener organisation. It supports the growing national and international practices in sport, to ensure the protection of our environment and invest in a sustainable future.

In recent times, our society has become more environmentally aware, and it was a natural evolvement that Netball Victoria follows suit. 

Since 2019, Netball Victoria has been a member of the Sports Environment Alliance (SEA) and in February 2020, the inaugural Netball Victoria Environment Working Group (EWG) was established to focus on 'empowering our netball community to live healthier lives in a healthier environment'.

Further information

As reported in last month’s EDM, the Netball Victoria Environment Working Group (EWG) is focusing on “empowering our netball community to live healthier lives in a healthier environment”.

The EWG is encouraging our affiliates to consider positive actions which can impact the environment, including:

  • The potential negative impact that trophies and/or medallions can have on landfill and whether alternative rewards exist which are more friendly to the environment.  Suggestions such as towels, glassware or vouchers are considerations.  Whilst these suggested items are not always practical for different age groups, it is a consideration to start thinking about.

The EWG is also developing a Netball Victoria sustainability policy and we will be looking to our affiliates for input.  A sustainability policy is best expressed as a living document that is updated continually in line with the demands of both legislation and the best academic understanding regarding environmental impact and employee wellbeing.

The key questions we will be considering are:

  • How does Netball Victoria plan to prevent and reduce our environmental impact?
  • How is Netball Victoria going to ensure compliance with all relevant green legislation?
  • How will Netball Victoria continually improve our sustainability performance?
  • What steps will Netball Victoria put in place to manage and communicate the policy?

As some of these key questions will impact our affiliates, we will seek feedback from all of our stakeholders during the development of the policy.

The EWG consists of Netball Victoria staff members from each department who have a passion and interest in this space. So far, the EWG has been actively involved in:

  • Advocating the Victorian government to establish a container deposit recycling scheme which directly benefits the sporting community
  • Attending Sports Environment Alliance events to become more environmentally aware
  • Encouraging all Netball Victoria staff to follow the three R’s – reduce, re-use and recycle
  • Working with local government on environmental considerations for new and upgraded netball facilities
  • Developing a Netball Victoria Sustainability Policy

  • Ensure you have recycling bins present at your courts - speak to your local council if not
  • Review your canteen structure and consider whether you can reduce carbons by removing the use of single-use plastics such as bottles of water, straws, packaging etc
  • Log onto the Sports Environment Alliance website,  and consider becoming a member.