View Netball Victoria's departments and Executive team structure


Chief Executive Officer – Andrea Pearman

Executive Manager – Tim Marshall

Office Coordinator (Monday – Tuesday) – Tara Shearer

Office Coordinator (Wednesday – Friday) – Karen Foote

Marketing & Product Analyst (Project Role) - Andrew Green


GM Data & Technology - Vacant

Data and Reporting Manager – Fiona Maher

Data & Reporting Coordinator - Nicholas Pennell

IT Support and Services Manager – Rohan Safstrom 

GM of Business Services - Troy Swainston

Finance Officer – Lisa Kirby 

Finance Coordinator – Ann-Maree Treganowan 

Head of People and Capability - Nicole Menzel

People and Capability Coordinator (Tuesday and Friday) - Simone Corboy

Corporate Social Responsibility Manager - Tanya Gamble  


GM of Affiliate & Participant Services - Jen Camilleri 

Shared Services Product Manager - Leigh McHenry  

Shared Services Workforce Training Coordinator - Melissa Di Donato

Shared Services Support Coordinator – Sue Owen

Child Safety & Integrity Coordinator - Penny Forrest 

Facilities and Infrastructure Manager (Mon - Thurs) - Shelley Haynes

Facilities and Infrastructure Coordinator (Mon and Fri) - Laura Sharkey

Facilities and Infrastructure Coordinator (Mon and Thurs) - Kate Campbell

Netball Connect Product Manager (Mon - Thurs) - Ginny Robinson

Netball Connect Support Coordinator (Tue - Thurs) - Tracie Hunter


Stakeholder Relations – Sarah Rush

Stakeholder Planning Manager – Simone Alexander

Metro Region Manager - Vacant

Netball Participation Coordinator - Metro - Caitlin Walsh

Netball Participation Coordinator – South East Metro – Amanda Kappa

Netball Participation Coordinator – Metro - Chloey Dodds (Tue - Fri)

Eastern Region Manager – Judi Buhagiar - 0427401747

Netball Participation Coordinator – Traralgon - Leanne Bland (Part-time)

Netball Participation Coordinator – Bairnsdale- Denielle Campbell (Part-time)

Northern Region Manager – Pam Ferrari - 0418304927

Netball Participation Coordinator – Shepparton – Josie Logan - 0400810999

Netball Participation Coordinator – North East - Chaye Crimmins

Netball Participation Coordinator – Geelong - Maddie Okely - 0488634345

Head of Government Relations - Allana Sharman (Mon, Tue, Thurs)


GM Parkville - Abbey Misso

Parkville Coordinator - Vacant 


Community – Angela Banbury

Junior Netball Manager - Megan Avery

Junior Netball Coordinator – Amity Stephens 

Netball Program Coordinator - Bree Dean

First Nations Netball Coordinator – Kaitlyn Pyle

Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator – Marcus Andrews

Workforce Development Manager – Meg Hopper

Workforce Coach Development Coordinator – Georgia Burt

Workforce Umpire Development Coordinator – Deb Hemer

Men and Boys Coordinator - Vacant


General Manager – High Performance & Pathways – Megan Simpson

Pathways Manager – Demelza Howard

Pathways Coordinator - Caitlin DeGaris

Melbourne Vixens Team Manager & Operations - Lisa Taylor

HP Administrator Support - VACANT

Performance Competitions Manager - Stacey O'Neill

Competitions Coordinator VNL - Rachael Blackshaw

Competitions Coordinator - Emma Carlton

Competitions Coordinator Parkville - Lori Ahern


General Manager – Commercial – Naomi Barter

Marketing & Events Manager – Danielle Davis 

Events & Engagement Coordinator - Liam Maguire

Marketing Specialist - Claudia Amoddio

Marketing and Brand Coordinator – Virginia Hester

Digital and Content Producer - Nathan James 

Partnership Manager - Jannelle Jorgensen

Partnerships Specialist - Daniella Jong

Partnerships Account Coordinator - VACANT

Media and Communications Manager – Joss Roche

Media and Communications Specialist – Vacant

Consumer Product Manager – Jane Lee

Merchandise Specialist - Rachel O'Brien 

Membership & Ticketing Coordinator - Grace Lusk