NV Youth Advisory Committee

Netball Victoria’s Youth Advisory Committee will be responsible for representing young members’ views, values, and ideas and a means for engaging young members to share the issues impacting them in our sport.

Netball Victoria’s purpose for facilitating a Youth Advisory Committee is to promote:

Empowerment – provide a platform representing young member views, values and ideas and a place where they will play a significant role in shaping the future of netball for the next generation.

Partnerships - Contributing to the organisation’s strategic outcomes. Young people have a pivotal role to play not just as beneficiaries of actions and policies Netball Victoria delivers to our community, but rather as partners and participants in its implementation.

Inclusiveness - mutually respectful partnership with a cross section of the netball community whereby power is shared, and contributions are valued.

Enrichment - through experiences, thoughts, ideas, and perspectives young people can enrich Netball Victoria’s future decision-making processes and outcomes.

The ultimate objectives of Netball Victoria’s Youth Advisory Committee are:

· Contributing to the organisation’s strategic outcomes by co-designing, advocating, and promoting ideas impacting young people in netball

· Being involved in planning and decision making for the sport

· Bringing a diverse voice to the table and act as an advisory group to Netball Victoria’s board to review policies and projects

· Improving retention of youth members through targeted programs

· Provide an additional leadership pathway for youth members by advocating and promoting affiliates to embrace their own youth committees

· Be an active voice and participant in promoting Safeguarding Children as required by Netball Victoria

Who will make up Netball Victoria’s Youth Advisory Committee?

Netball Victoria’s Youth Advisory Committee will consist of 11-14 people (strength of the applications will determine the number) between 15 and 24 years of age at the time of applying. The group will be diverse and made up of people from the metro and regional areas of Victoria.

We are looking for males and females, people from multicultural backgrounds, those with a disability, Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders and people from the LGTBQI+ community.

What is their commitment to Netball Victoria?

· 12-month term with the ability to extend for another year

· Monthly-six-weekly meetings (excluding Dec and Jan) with the ability to attend in person or online

· February – attend a Sunday full-day session facilitated by Mad4Leaders

· March – two full day Sunday sessions facilitated by Life Sport Journey for the group to establish their strategic plan for the 12-month term. While in person is preferred, online can be facilitated.

· Enthusiasm, personal views, and ideas