Facility projects are often born from a need for additional court access or improved amenities and supporting infrastructure as our membership grows.  We are seeing growth in our traditional pathway model, in our Men and Boys Netball League and in the growth of our non-traditional Netball and Social Netball models.  This increase in membership, obviously brings with it challenges to provide the additional access to courts and venues in a very competitive sporting environment.  Main netball projects include;

  • Additional provision or access to existing courts
  • Updating current provision to achieve compliance standards at venues
  • Improving our current court provision due to age, damage or safety concerns
  • New court and venue development. 
  • Improved amenities and supporting infrastructure (existing and new membership groups)

It’s important to remember that there are many stakeholders involved in these projects and funding for projects are often driven by government agencies.   It’s necessary to understand the processes involved in each project, who our stakeholders are and how we can create great project partnerships for the best outcomes.

Netball Victoria provides Affiliate services and facilities forums to our broader community, to assist with planning, developing capacity and operational capability to all our affiliates, including support in the facilities space.  We also provide leadership training and development throughout the year, which is accessible for all our members.

This forum will be an opportunity to catch up with industry experts who can provide information and resources to support your club, association or league. 

It’s vital to update your Strategic Plan and club goals as you evolve as a club, association or league and recognise when you’re ready to build capacity and capabilities at your Venue. 

Where you’ve been and where you’re going?  And, how are your short, medium and long term plans going to contribute to your members, the local community and local landscape?

Our May Forum, will include guest speakers from our Shared Services Team, covering;

  • Strategic planing - planning consultants
  • Governance - legal consultant
  • Financial - sports accounting specialists
  • Targeted volunteer and committee development - internal and external providers
  • Building capacity and capabilities - various subject matter experts

Please email or if there are any topics that your project group is interested in listening to or participating in at our Forum.  You can also contact our Facilities Team for more specific queries.