Victorian Netball League

The Victorian Netball League is the premier state league competition for netball in Victoria. With 10 clubs across Victoria, the competition is a step in the Netball Victoria pathway for athletes, coaches and umpires to showcase their abilities in a high performance environment.

About the VNL

Boasting the title of the premier netball competition in Victoria, the Victorian Netball League is a crucial step in the Netball Victoria pathway, encompassing high level athletes, coaches, umpires and officials.

The VNL also prides itself on developing some of Australia’s best athletes, coaches, umpires and officials. Highlighting the importance of the VNL in the pathway, there are a number of current and former VNL head coaches having held coaching roles at SSN clubs, and a large number of umpires and bench officials officiating SSN matches.

With 15 games a round encompassing 10 clubs across three divisions (Championship, Division 1 and 19 & Under), the VNL continues to be a pivotal competition in the Netball Victoria pathway.

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