How to Register

All individuals must register via the online registration form at association, league or club level. Once submitted you immediately become a financial member for the current year and are insured through Netball Australia’s National Insurance Program. Individuals that do not complete the online registration process will not be covered by the National Insurance Program until MyNetball shows the individual as a financial member for the current year.

All umpires and coaches need to be have a full membership (senior, junior, all abilities). By registering to become a member you consent to becoming a member of your club, association, league and Netball Victoria and agree to all applicable policies.

When you complete your membership online you will receive an email with your membership ID. This will confirm your registration to Netball Victoria. Please keep for future reference.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not create a new MyNetball record without checking with your Association/League/Club that you do not have an account that is active or inactive. Creating duplicate accounts creates a lot of problems for both yourself and your organisation(s). 

Registering through MyNetball

If you have an active account and know your MyNetball Login ID and password click the link to find your association/league/club registration form. 

Don't have a MyNetball account? In the first instance please check with your Club/Association/League. Once they have confirmed you do not have a MyNetball account, the link below will take you to the search page. Search for your association/league/club, and register your membership via their 'REGISTER' link.  

If you have an account but are unsure of your login ID or password please click below, and follow the prompts listed in the Quick Reference Guide of Your MyNetball Record.

If you don’t find your record after completing the above search contact your Club/Association/League for assistance.

By registering to become a Member you consent to becoming a Member of your Club, Association, League and Netball Victoria and agree to all applicable policies.

Members can login to their accounts and update personal information at the link below.  You can also view your profile, purchase history and other information.

You will require your MyNetball Login ID and password (your login ID may be your NV Membership number # or an e-mail address).