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Players and other users log in to your personal profiles via the link below.
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How do I update my payment method?
Login to your Netball Connect user profile and select Payment Method or via the app under More > My Full Profile > Select three dots > Payment Method. Select Add New to update your payment method. You also have the ability to remove the old payment method.   

How secure is my information?
Each user has the option to store credit card details in their user profile if they wish as a convenience for future payments.  Netball Connect does not store any credit card information.  It is stored by Stripe as the merchant provider. Stripe meets all the PCI Compliance requirements, you may review the information on their website.  

Who do I contact if I have an issue with the Netball Connect app?
For further information please contact your club or association and they will be able to lodge a support ticket on your behalf. 

How do I register to a competition?
You will register via a link provided by your club. If you are not linked to a club you will be provided with a link by the Association or League.

How do I download the app?
Download the Netball Connect app on your phone or device:
Apple click here
Android click here

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