Tanya Gamble

All about Tanya!

Community & Junior Development Manager - I began my career at Netball Victoria in 2014

I love my role because it is so different every day and it gives me great variety and personal challenge.

I manage and oversee funding agreements and programs for the following areas:
•	People with a Disability
•	Culturally and Linguistically Diverse
•	Aboriginal Victorians
•	Sporting Schools
•	NetSetGO
•	Netball Victoria Clinics

I began my career in social welfare and worked for many years with people in the community who were experiencing homelessness, mental health, drug and alcohol and family violence issues.  Before changing my career to sport I was managing a 24-hour residential crisis centre for homeless adults and families.  

As a mature aged student, I returned to uni to further my studies in sport.  The balance of being a Mum, working and a full-time student was extremely challenging, but I have not looked back.  The sacrifices I made to complete my studies were worth it on both a professional and personal level.

When I was a student, I volunteered my time as a NetSetGO coach and started to follow my passion of sport.  To this day I still coach and love enjoy being a part of a local netball club.

I started my journey at Netball Vic as a Community Coach by delivering programs to students in schools.  Over the 6 years at Netball Vic I have been involved in several programs including Community, Product Development and High Performance.

I love working at Netball Vic because we give people the opportunity to shine and lead in a sport, they are passionate about.

As a worker and a Mum, I value how important it is for people in the community to be involved with other like-minded people while engaging with netball.  Seeing people develop both on and off the court is very rewarding.  

I am very passionate about everyone being included and having the chance to follow individual goals and dreams.  In my role we provide programs for our community which gives people a sense of belonging and a chance to develop their own skills and community networks.

I enjoy leading my team and giving them the opportunity to grow and develop as workers.  As a team we join our skills and knowledge to provide some amazing programs and develop each other both professionally and personally.  Our team always inspire each other to achieve daily.

I am proud that Netball Vic has been able to continue offering programs and support to the netball community through this challenging time.  As a team we have had to adapt and continue to provide netball to our community in different formats, but this has developed us as workers.  We have had to think outside the box to ensure we engage our netball community in a fun interactive way.  

I certainly miss seeing everyone’s friendly faces in the office, but this experience has made us stronger as an organisation and I am very proud to be a part of a wonderful team of people.

We will continue to help each other shine through this challenging time.