Zali Anderson

All about Zali!

I've been playing for 12 years, and started NetSetGO when I was six.

Wonthaggi Power Football Netball Club, in the Gippsland Football Netball League.

Boroondara Express Division 1 (Vice-Captain), 19/U Vic State Team Training Partner.

NetSetGO at Wonthaggi District Netball Association.

I make good use of my free units and sometimes lunchtimes at school to reduce the amount of homework I have, but often do homework on the way to training in the car. I go to bed quite early on the nights I can to make up for the nights when I’m in Melbourne. 

On the 9:40pm VNL games I get home at around 1am so sleep is a priority for me when possible. Provided I’ve got my school work under control, I spend my weekends hanging out with friends. I eat quite a healthy balanced diet and drink plenty of water. 

The expectation at trainings is that you always give 110% to every session. They’re quite intense and based off the idea that you play how you train, which is something I really believe in. 

I travel to Melbourne with Zali at least twice a week, which means I need to be organised, such as preparing meals in advance. I need to ensure that work and other commitments allow me the time to take her. 

Although it does take a lot of my time, it is all worth it knowing that she is happy, committed to it and learning from highly regarded coaches, doing what she enjoys most. 

The expectation is a lot higher and it is a much greater commitment. It obviously takes up a lot more time, however I really enjoy them both and think they are still similar in a lot of ways.

Having to commit more time due to travel does make it challenging at some points as it means there’s less time to focus on year 12, which is something I’m quite committed to as well. 

However, I actually think that it makes me more accountable to be organised and get on top of my school work early, which has helped me develop some good habits with my time management. 

If you love your netball, then the extra time, you have to put in will all be worth it. Try to see being a regional player as a reason to be more self-discipline and work harder at every session. You’ve committed a lot of time to travelling so make the most of it when you’re there, and get as much out of it as possible.