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New Club Form - complete this form if you want to add a new Club in Netball Connect.

Change of Club Name – complete this form if you want to change the name of your Club in Netball Connect.

Add or Amend a Club Venue - complete this form if you want to add or amend a venue in Netball Connect.



What is an affiliate?
An affilliate is an association or league registered with Netball Victoria.

What is a member?
A Netball Victoria member is a player, coach, umpire or official with a current Netball Victoria Membership.

Who do I contact if I have an issue with the Netball Connect app?
For further information please contact

Do we have a website associated with this platform like we did with My Netball?
A template for a website using the WIX platform can be provided. You can then customise to suit your association, league or club. Please email for more information. 

How do I register to a competition?
You'll register via the competition registration link provided to you by your club.   

Will the user profile be linked to e-learning (as per currently in MyNetball)?
Yes, your profile will be linked to e-learning.

Can club admins change the users email address?
Yes competition and club administrators can change user email details.



Does this use a split payment system? i.e. portion to Netball Victoria, portion to association and balance to the club?
Yes we use Stripe for the split payment system.

What is the split of fees?
This depends on the competition setup but for a normal 'winter comp' for example, Netball Victoria membership fee goes to Netball Victoria, the association comp fee to the association, and the club fee settled to the club account.

Some clubs use systems (not MyNetball) to take payments. Will that still be able to happen?
No, all clubs will use the Netball Connect payment solution.

I have a current Stripe account, can I link the Netball Connect Stripe account?
If you have a Stripe account that you use for other purposes, and you use the same account details when setting up your Netball Connect Stripe payment gateway the Netball Connect account should link and you will see World Sport Action (WSA) when you login to your Stripe profile. Please contact Stripe to ask to link accounts if this does not happen. 



When will the Netball Connect app be available?
All members of the Victorian netball community will use the Netball Connect app to live score, track player attendance, look up draws, ladders and much more by the end of 2021.   

What is the Netball Connect app?
The Netball Connect app allows for live scoring of games, player attendance tracking, draws, ladders and much more - all real-time for spectators and it's extremely easy to use. Spectators can access real-time game scores, game times, court location, draw and ladder updates instantly as well as receive notification and news from competition organisers. The app seamlessly integrates with the competition module used by associations, leagues and clubs to capture and update game scores, player attendance, player borrowing and umpire attendance. It provides the ability to automate the game timer across multiple games (or keep it separate for individual games) and it can integrate with existing PA systems for game timekeeping.

Can club administrators add positions to players ie a manager, coach if the player had not selected these at time of registration?
Yes you can add roles to their user profile later.

Is the manager the only person who can allocate a scorer?
The manager and competition administrators.

There is a notification (within the app) that a player has already been borrowed once, twice etc. Is that for all occasions they have been borrowed (regardless of team or multiple teams that they have played in) or just the number of times this particular team has borrowed the player?
Currently, it is all borrowed players within the competition, however, some associations have different rules. We provide the borrowing details on the TEAM ATTENDANCE page.

What does the Netball Connect app allow me to do?
The app allows you to follow your favourite teams, watch the scores in real time, register directly to competitions, purchase club shop items and much more.

Is there a cost involved?
The Netball Connect app is free for all users. Data charges from your provider may apply.

Do incidents just refer to injuries?
No, there are three types of incidents - injury, disciplinary, or spectator disciplinary

How do I download the app?
Download the Netball Connect app on your phone or device:
Apple click here
Android click here

Does the system have a low battery warning built-in?
Every phone will let you know if you when you reach low battery.

Can fixtures be exported to Excel?
Yes you can export and import via Excel CSV file.

Can you view scores for two games on one screen?
Yes you can view as many live games as you would like. You add the teams to your watchlist so you can follow their games.

If you assign someone else to score do they need to accept that?
Yes they do, the manager will be updated on whether they accept or decline.

How do you enter scores if people aren't using the app?
You can print scorecards and enter scores and select team attendance manually.

How do we put borrowed players into the system?
When you complete your team attendance you can 'add player'. This updates for the competition administrators showing them who is borrowed and allows them to keep track of borrowed players. Only registered players in the system will be able to be added.

What is in the 'photos' section?
The photo section under OUR ORGANISATION allows you to upload photos of the organisation such as images of the uniform or court photos etc. These photos will display on the registration form.

Phones are set with a timeout screen, so the screen goes blank to save battery. As this is a live system does the screen stay alive or does the scorer need to touch the screen to keep their screen open?
When you’re in the score panel, our software has overwritten the screen timing out, however, some phone settings means the phone screen will go blank, however the app stays active. A quick touch of the screen makes the phone active, you can update the length of auto-lock in phone settings.

Can a coach use the app to send messages to team?
Yes they can.

Can coach and manager use the app to message each other?
Yes they can.


​​​​​​​Who do I contact if I have an issue with the Netball Connect app?
For further information please contact