Coaching Sessions Summaries

Coaching Panel – Simone McKinnis OAM & Guests
Monday 12 February

This online session will feature three High Performance coaches from netball, basketball, and AFL, delving into coaching at the elite level and how those key principles also apply at community level. A relaxed but candid discussion across a variety of topics including management of athletes and their performance, coaching female compared to male athletes, getting to the pointy end of the season, and the pressures of coaching. The session will include the opportunity for your questions to be answered by three of the best in their respective fields.


Performance Analysis – Dr. Peter Browne
High Performance: Tuesday 13 February

Performance analysis – what is it? How do we use performance analysis? Dr. Peter Browne, Performance Analyst for the Melbourne Vixens, will discuss how statistics and video are used in Suncorp Super Netball and where they provide value to coaches and athletes. The session will cover how data and video can be used to inform decision-making during a match and in the training environment.


Play with Purpose – Dr. Shane Pill
Representative: Tuesday 13 February

Shane will present on a contemporary player/athlete-centred coaching approach, Play with Purpose. As a game-based approach, Shane will explain why and how training needs to prioritise game form practice and the science behind why game form training should be the basis of deliberate practice at every level of player development. Shane will explain how the Play with Purpose model emphasis on the development of player game sense builds from game sense games to play practices and then situation or context.


Keynote Address – Building a Successful Team – Tracey Neville
Sunday 18 February

Hear what it takes to build a successful team from the inaugural Head Coach of the Melbourne Mavericks. Tracey will draw on her experiences with the England Roses and Adelaide Thunderbirds, covering topics such as building relationships and communication. She will offer insight on the environment and relationships she has created to develop successful teams at the elite level.


2024 World Netball Rule Updates

world netball 1

Join 2023 Lorna McConchie Umpire of the Year Josh Bowring as he outlines the updates to World Netball’s 2024 Rules of Netball. The updated rules will come into effect during 2024, so whether you are a player, coach, umpire, mentor, administrator, or just a keen netball enthusiast, ensure you have a good understanding of the incoming changes and how they will be applied. 


‘Creating Opportunities’: Creating defensive turnovers – Cathy Fellows
High Performance: Sunday 18 February

At the elite level it cannot be an expectation to ‘wear teams down’ to force errors; a team’s strategy needs to be led by proactively creating opportunities to contest. This session will explore how to

impact the ‘where and when’ of the contest so that athletes have confidence to ‘go for it’ defensively.


‘Creating Space for Self and Others’: Movement patterns to open up space – Julie Hoornweg
Representative: Sunday 18 February

When a team is in possession of the ball, there are a variety of skills and decisions to be made to ensure the team stays in control of the ball – this session will focus on the decision-making skills required for athletes to open up space for themselves and teammates.


‘Attack Through the Noise’: Beating offline defensive strategy – Julie Hoornweg
High Performance: Sunday 18 February

Teams at the elite level need to have a ‘bag of tricks’ to counter the ever-increasing defensive pressure applied throughout a game. Attacking tactics rely on skilful, thinking players who can deliver both personal and team strategies effectively. This session will build an awareness of the types of strategies which can be implemented when dealing with a variety of defensive setups.


‘Defence 101’: Positioning and movement to maximise the intercept – Cathy Fellows
Representative: Sunday 18 February

The best defenders have the best footwork – this session will focus on skills and drills to improve athlete defensive capabilities.


‘Tall Evolution’: Change of the GS – Caitlin Thwaites
High Performance: Sunday 18 February

Hear from Caitlin Thwaites and Melbourne Vixens General Manager High Performance Megan Simpson as they discuss the evolution of taller athletes, their role within teams, and the key factors to ensuring they fulfill their true development potential. Caitlin’s personal journey highlights the need for players to continue to grow and develop as the game evolves.


‘Getting on the Move’: Goaler Rotations – Kath Knott
Representative: Sunday 18 February

Goaler rotation is one key element of balancing a goal circle. It requires one player being an option to the ball and one player being an option to the post, as well as communication and vision by the goalers and midcourters to work together, read off one another and feed the ball. This session will touch on each of these elements and extend to include inside and outside the ring, re-feeds to the midcourt and goaler to goaler passes.