Dispute Resolution

Netball Victoria has developed a range of policies and regulations to ensure that netball is delivered in an enjoyable, safe and inclusive environment. The table below gives an overview of the dispute resolution process headed by the types of policies and regulations we are governed by, the scope in which they cover and examples of where they are applicable. Links to all relevant documents below.   We have also created a course that outlines the components of the complaint resolution procedures so they are understood, accessible and working well within your organisations. Please login to the Netball Australia LMS here. Under “Find Learning” search for Complaint Management Framework select to begin the course.  

Where a complaint, incident or matter arises which may be dealt with under the Child Safeguarding Policy (Policy), then it is to be resolved in accordance with the processes in the Policy, to the exclusion of all other NV disciplinary or grievance policies or processes.  For the avoidance of doubt, this means that where a complaint relates to Child Safety and falls within the scope of this Policy, this Policy will prevail and any such complaint shall be dealt with in accordance with this Policy and not the NV Member Protection Policy (or any other NV Policy).

Please refer to the Netball Australia - Integrity Policy Framework, Conduct and Disciplinary Policy for identifying, addressing and responding to integrity risks and complaints.  To assist with the complaints handling process, Netball Victoria have created a step-by-step User Guide and Flowchart. The Integrity Policy Framework requires affiliates advise Netball Victoria of the outcome of alleged breaches.  Please click here to submit a record.