Gender Regulation

The Netball Victoria Board approved the Netball Victoria Gender Regulation and the Netball Victoria Promoting Male Participation in Netball Policy which came into effect 1 January 2019.

What you must do to adhere to the regulation:

  1. Review the Regulation and all supporting information and contact Netball Victoria if clarification is required – this should be done as early as possible.
  2. Communicate with your members to advise of the new regulation and that your committee is currently working through how your club/association/league will be implementing the regulation.
  3. Determine which competitions will be offered including how these competitions will be labelled – consider what consultation you may wish to undertake to do this. Consider if any new mixed or male single gender competition can be offered.
  4. Once competitions are determined, review bylaws and update accordingly. Refer to the Netball Victoria Sample Bylaws template to ensure you use consistent language to help support this change.
  5. If new mixed and male single-gender competitions are not possible – consider what impact this may have on your members and provide ideas and support to assist in finding options to play.
  6. If new mixed and male single-gender competitions are not possible – consider how your club/association/league would like to consider future options.

To help support affiliates understand the NV Gender Regulation, and how to apply it, a detailed Netball Victoria Gender Regulation Question & Answer document and an updated Netball Victoria Sample Bylaws template has been created.

Click here to view the reference guide to support the labelling of competitions.