Men & Boys FAQ

The competition administrators determine if teams need to have a minimum of zero, one or two males in a team.  

A mixed team must have a maximum of three males on court at any time. This means a team can have one, two or three males on court at any time.  

A mixed team must only have up to one male in each third on court at any time.  

Maximum and Minimum No. of males 


Minimum No. of males 

Maximum No. of males 

In Team 

Zero, one, two* 

Not determined by regulation 

On Court  

Not determined by regulation  


*Administrator decides 

Male court positioning: 

One of: 

One of: 

One of: 

Shooting Third 

Mid Third 

Defence Third 

GS or GA 

WA, C or WD 

GD or GK 

Males wishing to participate in female competitions must be less than 13 years of (actual age) as at the first day of the competition or season. Males that turn 13 during the competition or season will be permitted to participate for the duration of that competition or season.  

There are no restrictions on the number males (below the age of 13) that can play in a female competition if they meet the age requirement. 

This age was determined after considerable consultation with the netball community along with consideration of research and legal advice. Many in the netball community believe girls should have a choice in playing netball, particularly in regard to the gender they play with.

This was a deliberate to flag a change and ensure the age test for males is very clear (eg the actual age when playing). The age test itself is simple and can be implemented accurately and consistently across all netball.

Males who are below the age of 13 are permitted to play in any position.

There are no additional rules to be applied.

No- the Gender Regulation is binding on all affiliated netball and must be accurately reflected in bylaws.  

The Gender Regulation does not permit males of these ages to start or continue playing netball in female competitions. Ideally these participants would be able to access mixed or male competitions, either at the same club/association/league or elsewhere. 

Yes- the Gender Regulation needs to be applied. Consideration should be given to how the Regulation forms the foundation upon which grading on ability can still be used where desired. 

No- the Gender Regulation is binding on all affiliated netball.

Whilst not specifically referenced in the NV Gender Regulation, NV has included a reference to this in the NV Same Bylaws template on ‘inclusive environments and ‘age’. 

Feedback received via the consultation process highlighted that restricting boys in mixed competition at these age groups may create unintended barriers for participation, skill development and opportunities to play.