Netball Victoria Memberships are non-refundable and refund applications will be assessed based on extenuating circumstances only. 


  • Individuals who complete and lodge an online registration become a financial member for the current year and an assumption is made that they have taken the court either for training or competition purposes.  A refund will not be available.  Extenuating circumstances may be considered upon request to the Manager of Member Services. 
  • Individuals who complete and lodge an online registration for a Single Game Voucher are not considered a financial member. Single game vouchers will not be refunded and are not transferable. ​
  • No membership refund will be given where a member has made a sports injury insurance claim.  To make a valid insurance claim, individuals must be a current financial member of NV.  
  • Membership refunds will not be paid prior to the membership being paid for by either the individual or any Affiliate. 
  • A membership refund request must be submitted via the NV online refund link. Refund applications will be automatically denied if proof of duplicate payment is not received within 24hrs of lodgement of refund application. No extenuating circumstances will be considered if the above process is not adhered to.

Netball Victoria also considers refund applications based on hardship or for medical reasons, these applications will be assessed through the regular refund process. To apply for a refund based on hardship you will be required to provide one of the following four documents to support your application. 

  • Separation certificate
  • Letter from your employer
  • Letter from your accountant
  • A Statutory declaration​

For all refund enquiries please email