Targeted Coach Program

The Netball Victoria Targeted Coach Program aims to provide identified coaches with development opportunities at various levels.

The Targeted Coach Program aims to nurture identified coaches through continued coach development and learning opportunities.

Netball Victoria have 5 different offerings with suitable mentors and growth opportunities for coaches at the following levels;

All Netball Victoria pathway coaches each year are offered to complete an ICDP with either the Pathway Manager. Includes all Talent Academy, VIC State Team, Talent Squad, & ANL Coaches.

Follow up for Professional Development from ICDPs includes:
- Individual program goals, follow up.
- Guidance to set up own mentoring opportunities.
- Accreditation mentoring.
- Professional Development opportunities:
- Match Day Coaching PD
- Team Communication, Sports Psychology Skills, Team Development PD
- Netball Specific HP Specialist Sessions – Goaling, CC, Defence.
- Observation invitations to ANL, VIC, Talent Squad, & VNL Training environments.

VNL Coaches: All VNL Clubs will also be offered ICDPs with either the Coach Performance Mentor or the Coach & Umpire Development Manager in communication with VNL Head Coaches and Club Administration for their coaches where needed.

Netball Victoria to work with VNL Head Coach for coach’s development or mentoring where required.

The Elite Mentoring Program is for coaches currently completing Elite accreditation level. Prior to the Elite Practical Assessment, participants must be signed off by a High Performance mentor as ready to undertake the Practical Assessment.

This program is designed to help prepare the Advanced Coach in readiness for successful completion of the Elite Practical Assessment, and provide access to a High Performance coach as mentor.

Netball Victoria offers this mentoring program for 2 applicants per year.

Coaches can apply or be identified for this program between February-August.

Coaches must have completed the Elite Course practical day, and highly recommended to have successfully completed all 3 elite assignments.

The Elite Mentoring Program involves:
4-5 individual mentoring sessions, designed individually with the Netball Victoria HP Mentor, to assess your needs in readiness, may involve the following:
- Match Day Coaching assessment – mentor completes Elite Practical Assessment of your match day coaching.
- You will receive written feedback on assessment form for practical assessment.
- Observation of mentor/HP coach in match day environment.
- Game Analysis session with mentor.
- Individual discussions with mentor regarding strengths, improvement areas, feedback, advice for development etc.
- Post feedback session – mentor attends your match day to assess your implementation of feedback to assess final readiness for practical assessment.

Netball Victoria Coach Development Mentor (CDM) is available to any coach for mentoring and development required to complete the Advanced level Accreditation.

Please email Netball Victoria for further details:

Course dates for the practical course are run annually over 3 full days mid year. Please see coaching calendar for this year’s dates, and application process.

The Advanced Mentoring Program can involve:
- Completing assignments and follow up.
- Mentoring feedback for your 2 practical sessions signed off.
- Preparation for Advanced Assessment – Provide example sessions, feedback for your written practical sessions, and practical assessment tips sheet.
- Guidance through Practical Assessment process.
- Follow up for unsuccessful coaches, plan for continued mentoring implementation of feedback.
- Targeted Coaches identified from Advanced course each year are offered ICPP (Individual Coach Performance Plans) with Netball Victoria for follow up with goals, NV programs, and guidance regarding development where needed.

- Targeted Coaches from an Intermediate course, are talent identified to progress to Advanced course.
- Identification of coaches is by HP Intermediate course presenter, RDMs (Regional Development Managers), and in conjunction with NV CDO.
- 3-4 coaches identified offered Mentoring sessions, in preparation for Advanced level. CDO to travel to them for 1 practical feedback session, training or game.
- Preference to coaches without access to an Advanced Mentor (ie. outside a VNL environment, and/or Regional areas).

If you currently hold an Intermediate accreditation, or identified for working towards Intermediate level, and would like to be considered in a Regional area please contact Netball Victoria outlining your current coaching experience and coaching goals for consideration.

This program is available for up to 2 Targeted Coaches per year who have been identified for SSN or ANL pathway. Participants must hold High Performance Accreditation or be in the process of completing High Performance course components.

Applications to Netball Victoria and identified invitation between February-August annually.

The High Performance Mentoring Program involves:
- Athlete Assessments DISC profiling
- Personalised DISC Profiling and report.
- 60 minute consultation to debrief your report and develop strategies.
- Follow up consultation to turn your strategies into practice.
- Resources pack DISC in sport workbook, access to videos, articles and online resources to help implement new strategies.

Individual Strengths and Work Areas analysis
- Identify work areas, needs, outline plan.
- Creating a High Performance Coach Profile.
- Implementation of 360 degree feedback, three one-on-one sessions.
- Elite Sports Psychology and Wellbeing model.

360 Degree Feedback Analysis session – High Performance / SSN Coach.
- Mentoring and development plan developed from feedback.

Mentoring Sessions – High Performance / SSN Coach.
- Implement development areas.
- 2-3 sessions mentoring individual

Development in SSN program – Melbourne Vixens.
- Access to 2 training weeks, observe sessions – involvement at discretion Head Coach.
- Pre / Post planning session at VIS with Melbourne Vixens Head Coach.
- Pre / Post match day x2 combined with training weeks.


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