Testing of Umpires

View and download the complete National Umpire Development Framework here.

The Netball Australia Umpire Accreditation System is an educational pathway based on the Netball Australia Umpiring Courses (Foundation and Elite), the ASC General Principles (Community & Advanced), ongoing professional development and practical umpiring instruction through an experienced umpire coach system.

Assessment is based on Rule of Netball Theory Examination, practical evaluation through established KPI’s, self-reflection and, where possible, video analysis.

The culmination of this accreditation system, leads to practical assessment in a 4-tiered system of badges: C, B, A and the highest national award the AA (All Australia).

It is not essential to proceed sequentially through each badge level. The only pre-requisite badge level is an A Badge before testing for an AA Badge.

No age restrictions apply to candidates for any badge level.

Candidates may be tested up to twice in any calendar year for the same badge level.

Resources for Testers:

To test at a Netball Victoria affiliated associations/league competition in 2022 all testers are required to be placed on the NV Endorsed Umpire Tester List.

Purpose:  Netball Victoria would like to set the bench mark in umpiring standard, this starts with the development and training of our Umpire testers. After reviewing the current process, consulting with our netball community and staff, we believe our NV Endorsed Umpire Tester List will complement the National Umpire Development Framework developed by Netball Australia to ensure Netball Victoria provide a consistent, sustainable pathway for umpire development across the state.

Composition of Testing Panels for Practical Assessment

An umpire who has been umpiring at any badge level for two (2) years is qualified to test at that badge level, even if a higher badge has been achieved.

It is a requirement of umpires wishing to become an Endorsed Tester that they are appointed to three (3) games as a cadet with a senior mentor who does not form part of the testing panel.  Attendance at a Netball Victoria Testers Meeting is also required.

Testing for the AA badge will be conducted by 3 members appointed by Netball Australia who will form the Testing and Endorsement panel.

AA and A badged umpires may act as mentors on C Testing Panels in addition to the required testing panel.

If the appropriate testing panel composition cannot be achieved when arranging a test and an umpire would be disadvantaged, application may be made by the relevant Member Organisation to Netball Australia for consideration.

Testers must use the official Netball Australia Umpire Assessment Sheets for all testing under the national system.

Official Netball Australia Umpire Assessment Sheets

Badge Competencies

To receive a badge, the umpire must be rated as competent in each area of the assessable performance criteria set for the level concerned. Knowledge, skills and techniques must be demonstrated or performed to a specified standard under set conditions, as assessed by approved testers. These competencies are a continuum from basic level to expert execution.

It is important that testers are aware of the competency standards established for each badge level, and make their assessment based on the criteria provided. In addition, they must understand the distinctions between the different badge levels, and the advancement in skill and understanding that an umpire must display in order to progress.

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