The purpose of the Worksafe Umpires in the Field Program is to support the existing National Umpire Accreditation Framework by delivering two hour educational workshops designed for umpires at the grassroots level, as well as workshops that are aimed specifically for umpires who would like to work towards a higher accreditation.
Workshops are delivered by Netball Victoria’s most experienced Umpire Developers.

Netball Victoria is excited to announce the introduction of these workshops in an online format via Zoom.

Whilst places are strictly limited, we will continue to add dates and workshops in the coming weeks to allow for as many umpires as possible to attend these workshops. Dates will be added to the NV calendar regularly.

1. Introduction to Umpiring

Introduction to Umpiring is for umpires beginning on their umpiring pathway.
Participants in this workshop are assumed to have little knowledge of umpiring but some basic knowledge of the rules.
Covers topics such as expectations and characteristics of a beginner umpire, using your whistle and hand signals effectively, infringements and sanctions, and positioning on the court.

2. Mentor Workshop

The Mentor workshop looks at the skills and knowledge needed to guide and progress umpires through the different stages of their pathway.
Emphasis on mentoring beginner umpires.
Covers topics such as the mentor/mentee relationship and responsibilities, constructive feedback skills, the do’s and don’ts of mentoring, and expectations of beginner umpires.

3. Your Decision Counts

Your Decision Counts is a deep dive in to an umpire’s decision making process.
It is for umpires with a C badge accreditation working towards their B badge, or umpires with a B badge accreditation.
Delivered by high performance umpires
Covers topics such as Contact vs Contest, Obstruction and Advantage, bio-mechanics, and how positioning and vision effect decision making.
*Please note that due to a limited pool of presenters for this workshop, it may take longer to lock in an Umpire Developer, please give us as much notice as possible when submitting an application.

4. Advanced mentoring

This workshop is aimed at mentors coaching umpires who currently hold their C badge accreditation, and are wanting to work towards their B badge. It provides umpire mentors and coaches guidance, advice and tips that they can use with their umpires to advance them through their pathway. The workshop looks at key areas of development and expectations of a B badge umpire, ways to provide feedback to successfully achieve these skills, as well as the mentor/mentee relationship.

5. Comprehending the competencies

This workshop is a further education opportunity for Umpire Testers. During this workshop, we will break down the National Umpire Development Framework, the definitions of the competency ratings and competency matrix. It aims to explain what each of the competencies are in plain terms and what they look like on court. It also covers writing assessment sheets and action plans for unsuccessful tests.

All workshop topics run for approximately two hours.

All workshops in 2021 cost $35.00 for current Netball Victoria members, and $40 for non-members

All participants MUST register and pay PRIOR to attending the workshop. Registrations and payment will not be accepted on the day of the workshop.

All upcoming workshops can be found on the Netball Victoria Umpiring Calendar

Netball Victoria affiliated Clubs, Associations or Leagues may apply to host a workshop at their own venue.

To apply please

Please direct all enquiries and application forms to the Netball Victoria Umpiring Department