Happy 100th birthday, Kath Finger!

In netball there are many milestones to be reached, but today a member of our netball family recognises a particularly significant one; Netball Victoria Hall of Fame member, Kath Finger, is celebrating her 100th birthday.

After being inducted into the Netball Victoria Hall of Fame in 2001, Kath has been a huge contributor to our sport throughout her lifetime, and fittingly, one of the people who can best give an example of Kath’s contribution is Netball Victoria’s President, Richelle McKenzie.

“I commenced playing netball at school and with the Mountain District Netball Association (MDNA), many years ago,” Richelle told the NV media team.

“A lot remains the same in our sport since then,” Richelle reminisced.  “They were looking for umpires and my mother who did not play a specific sport – she spent her time supporting her husband and children in their sports – decided she would try umpiring to help out.

“My mother, Florence DeCoite, was a quiet person and not overly confident.  Kath Finger took mum under her wing encouraged her to take up and continue with her umpiring.  Kath at the time was the umpire coordinator, assessor and an A grade umpire.  She got along well with mum and encouraged her to stay involved with her umpiring and encouraged her along the way.  My mother very much respected Kath and the help she gave her even as a woman in her 40s just starting out in umpiring.

“Mum went on to umpiring Saturdays, weekdays and some evenings, obtained her C grade badge and even considered trying to continue for a B grade badge, before other family members’ sporting commitments got in the way of her pursuing her umpiring further.

“Kath was a truly well-respected and lovely lady at MDNA.”

From the entire Netball Victoria community, wishing you a happy 100th birthday Kath!