Camps, Programs & Online Courses

Personal Development Opportunities

These programs are designed to assist:

  • Umpire support roles and mentors
  • On court umpires just beginning or working towards higher accreditation
  • Umpires aiming to gain entry into Netball Victoria’s High Performance Program
  • Anyone wishing to further their umpiring knowledge

Please visit the Umpiring Calendar for all available information and dates related to our courses, workshops & events.

Available Courses:

The tester meetings are designed for umpire mentors, testers, coordinators & administrators. Netball Victoria will hold multiple of these educational meetings around Victoria making them as accessible as possible for all wishing to attend. 

The Umpire Tester Meetings cover:
- National Umpiring Framework
- NV Endorsed Umpire Tester List
- Tester criteria and testing panel set-up
- Umpire candidate pre-requisites & panel pre-requisites
- Umpire Testing & Badge Competencies
- Standard of Game for Testing
- Online Badge Submission Process
- Online Badge Updating Process
- Rule Update

The purpose of Netball Victoria’s Umpires in the Field program is to support the existing National Umpire Accreditation Framework by delivering two hour educational workshops designed for umpires at the grassroots level, as well as workshops that are aimed specifically for umpires who would like to work towards a higher accreditation.

The 5 workshops currently available are:
- Introduction to Umpiring
- Mentor Workshop
- Your Decision Counts
- Comprehending the Competencies
- Advanced Mentoring

For more information please head over to our Umpires in the Field page.

B Grade umpires who are selected into the Netball Victoria High Performance Program will have access to High Performance coaching at training sessions, as well as Netball Victoria events during the duration of the Program.

This program is also the pathway for selection into the Victorian Netball League Umpire Squad.

The Victorian Netball League is Netball Victoria’s Premier Netball Competition.

10 teams compete in 3 divisions across 18 rounds of competition, culminating in a finals series.

Umpires can be selected to be apart of the VNL Umpire Squad through the B Grade Talent Squad, and have access to Netball Victoria’s High Performance Umpire Coaches on a weekly basis, gaining valuable experience and feedback, as well as the chance to be selected into the Talented Umpires Program.

Information on this program will be available soon.

Run annually, this course is a pre requisite for umpires wanting to achieve their A & AA Badges.

More information on dates and locations will be available soon.

Please direct all enquiries to:

Umpire Development Camps

Netball Victoria have undertaken a review of their Umpire Camp Program and is excited to announce a new camp for Rookie C Badged Umpires and a new format for our C & B Badge Camps.

Netball Victoria has identified a gap in learning and development once an umpire had obtained their C Badge; the first step of the National Umpire Accreditation Pathway. We are confident this new camp and the revamp of our C & B Badge Camps will not only see an increase the capability of our umpires, but also in increase in the number of umpires moving through their pathway and obtaining their B Badge accreditation.

The Rookie Camp is a great way for learner umpires to establish a broad foundation of umpiring knowledge and consolidated the skills required of the C Badge accreditation.

It is aimed at umpires who have recently achieved their C Badge accreditation and are wanting to further develop their skills.

The Rookie camp is a 1 day camp of theoretical presentations and discussions. Topic will include Rules Discussions, Game Management v Match Management, Goal Setting and Positioning & Vision.

Rookie camps can be hosted by associations/leagues across the state.

The C Grade Camp covers a broad range of topics so that umpires can keep progressing with umpiring knowledge and improve their abilities.

It is aimed at umpires who hold a C Badge accreditation and are endeavouring to work towards achieving their B Badge accreditation.

The format will consist of a 2-day camp with 1 day of practical umpiring and 1 day of theoretical presentations. Topics will include Application of Advantage, Goal Setting, Procedures and Protocols, and ‘B’ Badge Competencies.

Camps will be held in both metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria. Dates are to be confirmed for 2022.

The B Grade Camp is an excellent opportunity for umpires who wish to progress into the High Performance arena as it allows umpires to continue to develop and consolidated the skills and competencies required of a B Badge accredited umpire.

It is aimed at umpires who hold a current B Badge Accreditation who are wanting to continue to learn and develop.

The camp format will consist of 5 sessions over an 8 month period with a combination of theoretical discussions and practical umpiring. Topics will include Positioning & Vision, Contact v Contest, Game Management v Match Management and Self Analysis.

Dates are to be confirmed for 2022.
Please direct all enquiries to: