Netball Victoria has identified a gap in learning and development for umpires once they have achieved their C Badge accreditation; the first step of the National Umpire Accreditation Pathway. We are confident these development days will not only see an increase the capability of our umpires, but also in increase in the number of umpires moving through their pathway and obtaining higher accreditations.

Umpire Development Days

The C Badge Development Day covers a broad range of topics so that umpires can keep progressing with umpiring knowledge and improve their skills and abilities.

**3 dates available**

Sale Netball Association
Sunday 15th October
10am - 4pm

Selkirk Stadium, Ballarat
Sunday 29th October
10am - 4pm

State Netball Centre
Sunday 12th November
9:30am - 4pm

Application of Advantage
      What are the benefits of applying advantage and what skills do umpires need to make good advantage calls? Learn how you can allow the game to flow and the players to display their skills whilst you also demonstrate your good game management abilities.
Procedures and Protocols
      Polish your knowledge of procedures and protocols, including managing stoppages, injury time and game management application. The better your understanding of procedures, the more confidence your will have when applying them!
'B’ Badge Competencies 
      Learn what areas you need to be competent in to achieve your B Badge. Where do you need to improve and what areas need more focus? We will break down the B Badge criteria and help you have a clearer idea of how to get there.
Rules Discussion
      With new rules coming into effect from Jan 2024, we will discuss what changes have been made and make sure everyone has a clear understanding of how they are interpreted.

COST - $120 (lunch provided)
*Limited place available*

The B Badge Development Day is an excellent opportunity for umpires who wish to progress towards the high performance arena as it allows umpires to continue to develop and consolidated the skills and competencies required of a B Badge accredited umpire.

State Netball Centre
Sunday 19th November
9:30am - 4pm

Positioning, Vision & Timing
      One of the most important skills for an umpire to have is good positioning, vision and timing - a skill that umpires will always need to focus on regardless of what accreditation is achieved. Learn how these three elements are inter-connected and how you can continue to hone these skills.
Game and Match Management
      Ensure your knowledge of the game management protocols is correct and also learn some tips, tricks and techniques that can be implemented before needing to apply these procedures. 
Contact v Contest
      A deep dive breaking down and getting a better understanding of the contact rule and what skills are needed to successfully apply the advantage rule.
Rules Discussion
      With new rules coming into effect from Jan 2024, we will discuss what changes have been made and make sure everyone has a clear understanding of how they are interpreted.

COST - $120 (lunch provided)
*Limited place available*

Association Mentoring

Netball Victoria committed to the continued development of all our umpires and invite affiliated associations and leagues to nominate for Association Mentoring.

Netball Victoria will provide experienced Umpire Mentors to work with nominated umpires at your association/league to further their development in a game day setting.  This also provides opportunities for Umpire Coordinators to assess their umpire development and training program to enable best practices and achieve greater development of grassroot umpires. 

The Umpire Mentors will provide coaching and feedback to umpires, address Key Performance Indicators and develop action plans for further development. There is also the opportunity to talent identify umpires across the state to offer further training and opportunities for development.

Cost: $500 (including minimum 2 Mentors for day of competition).  Opportunities are limited, so book in quick!

Tester Meetings

For more information on the Netball Victoria Endorsed Tester List and Tester Meetings, go to the NV Tester webpage.

WorkSafe Umpires in the Field workshops

The WorkSafe Umpires in the Field program supports the existing National Umpire Development Framework by delivering educational workshops all across Victoria. 

The 7 workshops currently available are:
- Introduction to Umpiring
- Mentor Workshop
- Your Decision Counts
- Comprehending the Competencies
- Advanced Mentoring
- Re-Introduction to Umpiring
- Game and Match Management

Game Development Conference

Netball Victoria's Game Development Conference will be held on selected dates from 6-19 February 2023.
With both online and face-to-face sessions for coaches and umpires, it is a great way to kickstart the year and get your pre-season underway. 

From the Sidelines - Game Day Experience

More information coming soon!

Netball Learning online courses

Personal Development Opportunities

These programs are designed to assist:

  • Umpire support roles and mentors
  • On court umpires just beginning or working towards higher accreditation
  • Umpires aiming to gain entry into Netball Victoria’s High Performance Program
  • Anyone wishing to further their umpiring knowledge

Please visit the Umpiring Calendar for all available information and dates related to our courses, workshops & events.

Available Courses:

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