Child Safety in Netball

In April 2012, the Victorian Government initiated an inquiry into the handing of child abuse allegations within religious and non-government organisations. The inquiry’s final report, “Betrayal of Trust”, made a number of recommendations that have been acted on by the Victorian Government. The creation of Child Safety Standards (the Standards) was one of the key recommendations.

The Standards came into effect on 1 January 2017 and applies to sporting organisations that operate and provide sporting services to children within Victoria (including National Sporting Organisations). The Standards apply to organisations as a whole, not only the areas that work with children.

In 2016, Netball Victoria undertook a compliance audit of its published materials on our website against the Standards. As a result of this audit, two documents have been developed to help support Netball Victoria and all its affiliates to comply with the new Standards –The Child Safety in Netball Code of Conduct and the Child Safety in Netball Policy. Both of these documents came into effect 1 January 2017.


Where a complaint, incident or matter arises which may be dealt with under the Child safety in Netball Policy (Policy), then it is to be resolved in accordance with the processes in the Policy, to the exclusion of all other NV disciplinary or grievance policies or processes. 

For the avoidance of doubt, this means that where a complaint relates to Child Safety and falls within the scope of this Policy, this Policy will prevail and any such complaint shall be dealt with in accordance with this Policy and not the NV Member Protection Policy (or any other NV Policy).