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We work with all levels of government and community stakeholders to ensure new netball developments meet current compliance and standards, and advocate for safe and compliant venues for our members and the local communities they serve.

It is Netball Victoria’s expectation that all new and redeveloped netball facilities are constructed in line with the national netball standards outlined in the Netball Victoria Facilities Manual and the National Facilities Policy and Technical Manual.

We look forward to continuing to partner with our key stakeholders and working together to deliver high quality netball venues and facilities for our ever-growing netball community.

Additional resources are available through Sport and Recreation Victoria


The Statewide Facilities Strategy provides information which will assist netball associations, leagues, clubs, schools, facility investors and all levels of government to better plan for the growth and development of our sport.
We look forward to continuing our partnerships with all of these stakeholders, so that together we can continue to deliver high quality netball venues and facilities for our ever-growing netball community.
The Statewide Facilities Strategy should be read and considered in conjunction with the Netball Victoria Facilities Manual.

Technical Specifications

Currently under review

Netball Victoria Facilities Lighting Guide (2022)

On and Off Court Design Principles

The Netball Victoria Facilities Manual presents a facility hierarchy for venues used for netball competition, training and other programs. The Manual nominates a four-tiered hierarchy; local, sub-regional, regional and elite, and describes the component facilities that should be considered for provision at each level of the hierarchy.

Netball facilities should be welcoming to the entire community, regardless of age, gender, ability or mobility. Facility design needs to ensure netball courts, supporting infrastructure and amenities are accessible and inclusive to all. Netball Victoria has developed the Inclusive Facilities Fact Sheet (2022) to provide clubs, associations, leagues, councils and contractors with guidance when redeveloping or constructing new netball court facilities.

Consultation should be undertaken with SSAs regarding multi-lining at venues. Multi-lining sports courts has obvious advantages, particularly where Councils or schools are servicing many community needs, however it may create compliance issues with regards to surface, slip resistance, run-off access areas, sports posts, and post sleeves.

It reduces provision for activation at the venue for all lined sports (sharing the venue) and may prohibit some competition as per NV Facility hierarchy guidelines. Temporary line marking is often a good solution for infrequently programmed events, e.g. for major or international sports competitions.

Netball Victoria Environment Fact Sheet (2022)

Associated Netball Infrastructure

Netball Victoria Covered Courts and Airhalls Fact Sheet (2022)