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What is outsourcing?
Hiring a third party to perform tasks, handle operations or provide services for a company or organisation. Usually used to cut costs and benefit from people’s expertise by performing tasks that were usually done in-house. This also can be virtual and online, meaning there is a larger range of candidates to perform services.

• Ability to focus on core/more important tasks (ie. Participation growth)
• Lower costs
• Maintain operational control
• Pay on a project by project basis, no lock in contract
• Some tasks can be carried out remotely (bookkeeping) which means you have access to a larger pool of candidates and you can find the best and most cost effective
• Reduced risk
• Reduced stress
• Freelancers are usually cheaper
• Using people in their area of expertise

• Can be unreliable (no vested interest)
• Quality of work can vary

What can affiliates outsource?
Canteen - Increased efficiency, provides risk management
Bookkeeping - Cost effective, only pay for the time they spend on bookkeeping
Cleaning - Innovation, knowledge on how to increase participation, technical expertise, up to date website with news and reminders, gain a competitive advantage
Maintenance - Only use and pay contractors when needed.

The Deakin Freelance HUB
The Freelance Hub is an innovative work-integrated learning initiative that is designed to develop work-ready graduates. The HUB offers internships which develop a solution for a not-for-profit or community organisation. Students are placed into project teams where they are assigned an experienced industry mentor/ project manager. The Freelance HUB allows interns to have the opportunity to explore working-for-self as a professional freelancer. Additionally, it allows them to develop key employability skills such as communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking. These internships are open to students across all study areas and Campuses, including online Cloud Students.

How can Affiliates use the Freelance HUB?
How canAffiliates can go online and register as an employer and post a job for either an intern or freelance Deakin University student. Affiliates can use students to research or use them to create a plan or to further better the association or league for little to no cost. Affiliates can choose to either hire a working group and communicate online or, hire an intern to work with them face-to-face.

What can the Freelance HUB do for affiliates?
The Freelance HUB gives affiliates the ability to access the latest theories, techniques and ideas through students studying in their field. Additionally, the HUB will promote the organisation to students and the wider Deakin community. Some examples of what the freelance hub can do for affiliates is; website design and development, creating a strategic plan, researching and documenting the external environment.